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E-MON Class 3000 SubMeters

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EMON Class 3000 SubMeters

Looking for an advanced intelligent meter that is flexible and low cost?

Emon Class 3000 meters provide users with Kwh, Kw demand with peak date and time, real time Kw, amps per phase and volts per phase. E-Mon’s 0-2 volt output split core current sensors allow the meter to be installed up to 500 feet from the panel being monitored by extending the sensor leads and without powering down. These meters are UL listed and meet or exceed ANSI C12 accuracy standards.

The Emon Class 3000 can be paired with E-Mon Energyä software that allows the user to monitor and/or bill individual users. They report to your desk top PC by means of direct line, telephone, ethernet, modbus, or bacnet. They can also pulse directly to your building energy management system.

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